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NOTICE (Oh noes!)

I have made the following decision regarding my journal:

It's all going to be public. All of it.

There's RL and fandom stuff here. There's only a very few people who know who I am on LJ, and I plan to keep it that way. So I'm going to keep all fic and rants/discussions public. On the off-chance that anything NC-17 gets written or anything magnificently personal comes up then they will be f-locked. However, such things are on an as and when basis and I trust people to keep my anonymity as I keep theirs. The joy of LJ is its ability to let us be who we want to be regardless of any other social constraints. 

I'm giving you the privilege of hassle-free surfing - please don't infringe on mine.

Loves. x
mop death

*casually screaming*

Teen Wolf episode 2.11... I can't even... ARGH! *flail*

I have so much to do and so many games to play (seriously, y'all, play Sleeping Dogs, it is awesome) ...but all I can think right now is that I have to wait a week to see the finale.
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petrelli love

Were they queueing up???

Got made officially single again on Tuesday - have at no point stopped talking to him, which is weird in itself. What I can say without a doubt is that I have the greatest friends in the whole world; so amazing it's been humbling.

What's weirder? Being asked out less than 36 hours later.

*hides head in hands*
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mop death

Error 404


Officially single.

Have work in the morning.

Looking for a fuck to give... fuck not found.
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District 5

Geekery Assemble!

I cannot stop watching this - seriously, it's like a sickness. MCU & Shinedown? *melts* Diamond Eyes.

In other news I have had one of the craziest, best and longest weekends of my life. Had all of today to recover & still shattered. Wouldn't trade a second of it even though my body has been loudly informing me for over 24 hours that I am too old for this shit.

Thank God this is a 4 day week!
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mop death


Will someone please make my brain shut the merry fuck up??? Because this shit is just Not Normal.
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District 5

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

Screw 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' - that shit is easy. How to lose 3 'best friends' in 4 months? That takes skill (in spotting bullshit).

I had an immensely illuminating weekend and realised that I have finally reached the point where I would genuinely and truly rather be alone than deal with being made a fool of. Amazingly it came at exactly the same time as seeing that I'm not actually on my own, at all.

Haters gonna hate, but it truly no longer matters. I never knew how good believing that was gonna feel.
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mop death

*swearing and yet more swearing*

Guys? What do you do when you find out that your best friend has broken the Only Rule you ever gave them?

Maybe I should start at the beginning...

My circle of band-boys and their other halves are my family; all of us friends for years and fiercely loyal. We don't bring people around until we're sure they're gonna be cool. Easy deal, right? So I waited 2 years to let my best friend come around and there was One Rule (with capitals). One. Do not interfere with my heart-sibs A & M - just don't.

My heart-sib M phoned me earlier, shaking so bad she couldn't even talk... because A and my 'best friend' have been sexting and dirty-ass-facebooking for at least 6 weeks.

I am so betrayed - I let her in, convinced everyone she was cool, and now I look like an idiot. I've been shaking with anger for hours.
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District 5

Rowena and Apple wonder twin powers...

Dearest Tunes, please to stop being moronic, ok? I am nearing 26 and downloading heavy metal and 'Wolverine and the X-Men'. I understand that this may confuse your recommendations, I get it because I am random, but blocking me from the cartoons due to Parental Control settings while letting me download (hed)p.e.???

...That makes so much less than sense that I cannot even... AGH! I just had to delve deep into the settings menu to convince you I'm an adult to get a CBBC programme? What the actual fuck?

And despite the reset you've JUST done it again! Dude, February had better be better than January - world, you have 2 and a half hours to sort your shit out.