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Slytherin Sanctuary

Realm of the Purebloods

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  • swizzasnake@livejournal.com
My journal is public save for very few things. I politely ask you to respect my privacy as I respect others' - LJ is a terrific place for freedom and I don't want to have to f-lock all the fandom stuff. But I will if anyone does anything to jeopardise me. Do that, and I will leave, please don't doubt that.

With that said, if you're willing to respect the above request, then friend away, just let me know!

I'm an undergrad student. I'm bi, I'm tattoed, pierced and an unashamed metalhead diva. Looking to start modelling and have danced at clubs before with a view to go back. I take no prisoners - I'm a fucking bitch if you cross me!

With that said I'm also a rabid, if often morally gray, fangirl. It's all about Buffy, Angel, Heroes, X-Men and Spider-Man here, among many other geeky and RL squeals. If that kinda mix isn't your cup of tea then don't read, simple as. I have no time for flamers and/or time wasters. My fic has been private for a very very long time and I am not about to take it back. Nor am I about to rescind my views on life... I could not care less if you have X, Y or Z to say about me cuz trust me, it's all gonna be old news.

So, with that off my chest - enjoy!